Command Line InterfaceΒΆ

A command line interface (CLI) to Civis is provided. This can be invoked by typing the command civis in the shell (sh, bash, zsh, etc.). It can also be used in Civis container scripts where the Docker image has this client installed. Here’s a simple example of printing the types of scripts.

> civis scripts list-types
- name: sql
- name: python3
- name: javascript
- name: r
- name: containers

Not all API endpoints are available through the CLI since some take complex data types (e.g., arrays, objects/dictionaries) as input. However, functionality is available for getting information about scripts, logs, etc., as well as executing already created scripts.

There are a few extra, CLI-only commands that wrap the Files API endpoints to make uploading and downloading files easier: civis files upload $PATH and civis files download $FILEID $PATH.

The default output format is YAML, but the --json-output allows you to get output in JSON.